When I was at Cognizant, I figured out a way to provide hands-on training remotely.

I was the administrator of several Yammer Groups and there were very few posts and conversations. I wanted to engage members to discuss topics related to the Group. The Big Data groups was one of the largest.

I came up with the idea of doing a group project. I would be the client and create a story and use cases. I wanted to provide real time experience

I invited members to register and provide their experience.

There was a minimum of one year hands-on with a real project n order to participate.

Each team had four or five members, and each was assigned a role; Lead, Developer, Analyst and Administrator.

Because their experience ran for one year to over fifteen years, I created Groups. The Use Cases were based on level of experience. There would be three Use Cases.

Each group would have a Use Case that was a little more difficult than their current experience level.

Each team needed to create a video recording each step of the project. Every team member was required to record a describe what they were doing.

There were 24 teams of over 100 participants. Once they finished a Use Case, they would rotate roles. I set a schedule for completion of each Use Case. This was based on level of experience.

Before I left Cognizant, I was running this in several different Yammer Groups with over 1000 participants. By then I convinced a few product managers to act as the client and manage one group. Several other SME helped run groups.

To make the project interesting and fun, the teams in each group would compete against each other. I am sure I can convince a company to provide prizes.

What does everyone think about doing this? There is no cost to you.

The PowerPoint is an example of what was provided to each team member. They were to use the deck to document every step of the project.

If interested, please register here

Last modified: March 26, 2020



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