This last Thursday at 4:00 AM my time, I was planning to so a session on:

Demonstrate how to use BizTalk, an Edge IoT Device and, an on-premise FHIR Server.

BizTalk would be used to:

  • Receive data from medical devices
  • Correlate the data from multiple devices.
  • Process video received from 3D cameras
  • Send correlated data to the Edge IoT Device (Pushed to Azure IoT Hub)
  • Transform the data to FHIR Resources.
  • POST the data to FHIIR Resources.
  • Perform multi-step workflows to provide the brokered data to downstream applications
  • Use Azure Logic App connector to stream 3D video to Azure Cognitive Services

Servers, Devices, and Services

  • Open source Azure FHIR Server (Bare-Bones)
  • BizTalk 2020
  • Jetson Nano
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Orange Pi
  • Azure Kinect SDK
  • Two 3D cameras

I did a test presentation to a few BizTalk experts  I mentored one of them on FHIR

The feedback I received was:

I took their advice and actually threw away my script and started with the basics about FHIR.

I am getting ahead of myself; let’s turn the clock back five hours.

I had a project in Visual Studio all set to demo.  I had deployed the only BizTalk 2020 VM the evening before, thinking that it would save me time.
It was on a Windows 2019 Server with just the BizTalk 2020 Standard Edition. No Visual Studio or SQL Server. Three hours later I was up and running.

I loaded my solution from GitHub. it was around midnight my time. I have been on an iced coffee binge lately. After drinking about a liter, I was wide awake.

When I went to build the solution, all my references were missing. These are the standard references for a BizTalk project.
I spent the next three hours trying to fix it.  I was able to build without issues on my laptop.  I zipped the solution up and copied it to the VM.

Guess what, the same issue. I ended up removing the BizTalk Extension and reinstalling it three times. I gave up when I received an email from Bill Chestnut letting me know I could log onto Zoom.

I went through the motions of building, deploying and testing. I showed how you mapped the FHIR Device and Observation resources.

I presented the following deck.


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