I am offering to provide free hands-on training so you can learn new ways to use BizTalk. This is advanced training equal to 400 level.

We need a minimum of eight people that will make up two teams. The teams will be competing.

I will act as the client and create a story with three Use Cases. I will also provide guidance because you will be learning about HL7 FHIR.

You need a minimum of three year hands-on experience in order to participate.

I created a website that supports webinars and conferencing, along with project management.

Each team will need to create a video recording each step of the project. Every team member is required to record a describe what they were doing.

What does everyone think about doing this? There is no cost to you.


If interested, please register here


The following is a PowerPoint that is an example of what will be provided to each team member. You will use the deck to document every step of the project.

Last modified: March 28, 2020



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