Healthcare Providers that are currently using BizTalk for HIPAA and / or HL7 can also be used to process data from Medical Devices and transform them to and from HL7 FHIR Resources.

The following is a list of the operations that can be performed.

Operation – Feature
Send message to IoT Edge Hub
Send message to device
Send message to device control station
Receive Twin data from device
Receive Twin data from device control station
Send Twin data to Azure IoT Hub
Poll devices to log connectivity
Send software updates to device or device control station
Manage device certificates
Encrypt and decrypt messages
Provide 100% guaranteed delivery
Provide real time monitoring
Works with Azure IoT Provisioning Server to provision devices and device control station
Real time processing with Azure Open Source FHIR Server on premise or as a iPaaS service.
Scheduling services
Multi step processing using the Orchestration Service
Real time monitoring and reporting
Administration Console

This is part 1 of a multi-part tutorial. Next week I will show you the architecture and message process diagram.

Last modified: March 12, 2020



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